Thursday, January 26, 2006

ME & Afghanistan

24 Steps to Liberty, Iraq.
Across the Bay: Lebanon.
Afghan Lord.
Afghan Warrior.
Do you like/hate Ahmadinejad? Let him know! Ahmadinejad. He whom I despise. Jam his website!
American Islamic Forum for Democracy.
Asharq Alawsat News, Iran, News.
Asharq Alawsat News, "Why the World Should Take Ahmadinejad Seriously", 12/05/06.
Bereft, Red, Iran.
Chan'ad Bahraini, ME, Barain.

City Boy, Iran.
Days of My Life, Sunshine, Iraq.
(DEMOCRACY FOR IRAN) دموكراسي براي ايران, Korosh.
Fayrouz In Dallas, Iraq.
Free Muslims Coalition, ME.

Free Press in Iran.
Free Thoughts, Iran.
From Baghdad to New York.
Ghajar, Iran.
Global American Discourse, Shah Alexander, Iran.

Hammorabi, Iraq.
Hiwakan (The Hopes), Kurdistan.
Iran Press News English.
Iran Press News English news.
Iran Press Service. English news.
Iraq Pundit.
Iraq the Model.
Iraq Blog Count, Delal, Dilnareen, Kurdistan.

Iraqi Bloggers Central, Mister Ghost.
Jveritas, translates Iraqi docs.
New Afghanistan After Years of War, The, Mohammad Fahim Khairy.
Peshmerg Women, Emmunah, Kurdistan.
Price of the Freedom, Iran.
Pulse of Freedom, Books, music, Lebanon.
Ranjini Srinivasan, India.
Reza Pahlavi, Iran.
Roj Bash!, Piling, Medya, Kurdistan.
Rooz Online, Iran News.

Sandmonkey, Egypt.
Shiek Yer-Mami, (up-to-date) Iran.
Shiro-Khorshid Forever, Iran.
Spirit of Man, Winston, Iran.
Stop Ahmadinejad and the Mullah regime c/o For Democracy Now, Iran.
Talisman Gate, Iraq.
Tell the Children the Truth, The history of 20th Century Jihad, Iran.
Terrorism has no religion, Iraq.
The In T View, Mister Ghost, Iraq.
The Other Iraq. Kurdistan.

Truth on Iraq.
When Mirror Invites, The Sun!, آفتاب را بايد با آيينه همپيمان ساخت, Iran.
Yoni The Blogger, Israel.

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