Monday, January 16, 2006

My Cool & Foreign Sites

Americans for Freedom, JP
Bill C., UK.
Blues and Twos, Police blog, Tim. UK.
bRight & Early.
Calorie Count.

Church and State, Nathan.
Common Folk using Common Sense.
Dagney's Rant.
Dubious Maxims, William.
Free Korea.

Gates of Vienna.
Global American Discourse, Shah Alexander.
Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, AllahPundit.
It's Curtains For You..., nanc.
Jack Lewis.

Jack of Clubs.
Jveritas, translates Iraqi docs.
La Shawn Barber.
Leav World, Chris
LegiStorm. Find Congressional staff salaries.

Little Green Footballs.
Marmot's Hole, Korea.
Michelle Malkin.
Morning Coffee, Darrell.
Ms. Underestimated.

My MSN Group
Neo Con Command Center, Brooke.
NoVa, James.
Patriot Blog.

Protest Warrior.
Radioactive Liberty.
Rajun Cajun.
Ranjini Srinivasan.

Razor Sharp Claws.
Right Truth.
Stop the ACLU.
The Lost Nomad, Korean.

The Neo-Con Blogger.
The Pirate's Blog.
The Roger's Institute.
The Spirit of Man, Winston.
The Redhunter, Tom.

Tony's Time Machine.
Tran Sient's Watch.
Truth-Pain Emporium.
Writer Chick.

Foreign Sites:
Bereft, Serendip. GREAT blog.
Canada Free Press.
Conservatives, James R. Skinner, England.
Darfur, Sudan.
DPRK Studies, Richardson, Korea.

Family Care Foundation, partner with Helping Hands Korea assisting North Korean refugees.
Free Korea.
Global American Discourse, Shah Alexander, Japan.
Jungle Hut, Jungle Mom, Venezuela.
Misunderestimated Germans, Juergen and Michael.

North Korea Zone.
OneFreeKorea, Joshua.
Radio Free Asia.
Right for Scotland, Bill, Scotland.

Sean's Blog: A Tory Point of View, Canada.
Sokwanele, Pro-Democracy site.
South America News Sources.
The Free West. Leon de Winter, Germany.
The Sudanese Thinker, Drima.
The Zimbabwean Pundit. (Editor of Enough is Enough)
Tim Blair, Australia.

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