Saturday, January 14, 2006

News and Citizen Journalists

ABC News-National.
Agape Press, Christian Press.
al Sabah News.
All Things Beautiful.
Always on Watch, Laura Mansfield.
America's Truth Forum.
American Congress For Truth.
American Islamic Forum for Democracy.
AP, Breaking News.
Arab News.
Army Times.
Atlantic Review.

Bible History online, Christian research., Good Christian site.
Bible Study Software.
Biblia (Study Software), Spanish Bible programs for purchase.
Big News Network.
BizzyBlog, Tom.
Blue State Conservatives.

C-SPAN Watch.
Ca Political News.
Canada Free Press.
Center for Security Policy.
China e-Lobby.
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.
Club 4 Growth.
Club 4 Growth Blog.
CNN News.
Common Freaking Sense. Crazy Politico's Big, little brother.
Competitive Enterprise Institute.
Counter-Terrorism Blog, Professionals.
Crazy Politico's Rantings.

Dagney's Rant.
Daily Star, Lebanon.
Dean's World. - Heroes. - Why We Serve.
Denver Post
Der Spiegel, English.
Douglas Farah, CT Blog, COIN expert.
DPRK Studies, Richardson.
Drudge Report, News.

Eagles UP!
Enough is Enough Zimbabwe.
Eye on the UN.
Fox News.
Fresh Vision Media.
Global American Discourse, Shah Alexender, Japan.
Gwinnett Daily Post.

Heartland Institute, Free Market, Science.
Hidden Dragon, Shoulung.
Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA).
Hot Air, Michelle Malkin.
Human Events.

InstaPundit, all around news.
Intelligence Summit Blog.
Internat'l (INA) News.
Iran Scan.
Iran va
Iraq Democracy Project.
Iraq Sustainable Democracy Project - POLICY BRIEFING; Who is watching out for the Christians as promised?

Jack Lewis.
Jihad Watch.
Jveritas, translates Iraqi docs.
Karen's Korner.
Knockin' on the Golden Door, Mark.
Knickerbocker News.
Kurdish Media News
La Nueva Cuba.
LaShawn Barber.
Life in Australia, Ron.
LiNK Global, Liberty in North Korea.

Mark in Mexico.
Mark Steyn.
MEMRI, ME news.
Michael Fitch.
Michael Yon Online.
Michelle Malkin.
Middle East Times., come on and join up!
Milblogs, Military News, COIN.
MNF-I Videos: YouTube.
MNF-Iraq, Military.

National Center for Public Policy Research, a Black Forum.
National Review.
Neo-Con Blogger, The.
Notes on California, Sen. Tom McClintock's Blog., James.

OneFreeKorea, Joshua.
Opinion Journal
Pakistan News.
Pajamas Media.
Patriot Post.
Patterico's Pontifications, Deputy DA in LA.
Pundit Review, Kevin and Gregg.

Radio Equalizer.
Radio Free Asia.
Radio Stations & Programs.
Real Clear Politics, collection of news articles and has a blog you may join.
RedHunter, The.
Right Truth.
Right Wing News.
RightOMeter, Human Events.
Roger L. Simon.

Shiek Yer-Mami.
Simon Weisenthal Center
South America News Sources
Space War.
Spirit of Man.
Stars and Stripes, independent military news.
Stop the ACLU.
Taipei Times.
Tel-Chai Nation.

The Daily Times, Pakistani news.
The Endive, News-Politics-Conservative, Sid.
The Federalist Papers, Constitutional protection.
The Founders' Constitution.
The Four Color Media Monitor, Avi Green, Jerusalem.
The Heritage Foundation.
The Investigative Project on Terrorism.
The Long War Journal, Milblog.
The Marshall Institute, Science for Better Public Policy.
The Q and O Online Magazine.
The Pakistani Spectator.

This is Zimbabwe SokBlog.
Tim Blair.
Tom DeLay.
Town Hall.
Tran Sient's Watch.
TV Guide.

Verum Serum. (Iran, Christian)
Victory Caucus, The, NZ Bear+
Voice of the Pacific, Brendan, Australia.
Washington Post
Washington Times.

WATANDOST: Inside News About Pakistan and its Neighborhood.
Zimbabwean Pundit.

Chrenkoff, Arthur
Common Folk Using Common Sense.
Enough is Enough, aggregate for Pro-democracy in Zimbabwe.
Enough is Enough, WP.
Family Care Foundation partner with Helping Hands Korea assisting North Korean refugees.
Human Race Watch.
Instant Knowledge News.
Patrick Ruffini.

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