Sunday, January 1, 2006

Rosemary's Sites

America's Victory '08. Groups.
America's Victory '08. Website.
The Bosun Locker, by invitation.
Causes of Interest.
DoD Daily News.
DoD Daily News-2.
ImageShack. Use for pics.
Iranian Bloggers in Jail
(Democracy for Iran)
دموكراسي براي ايران
. by invitation.
Knickerbocker News.

Love America First.
Love America First-2.
Loving God Holy, blogger.
Loving God Holy, WordPress.
MilBlogging. by invitation.
My Newz 'n Ideas.
My Newz ' Ideas Plus!, (Enables me to make categories.)
Right Moment, by invitation.
Rosemary's Blog Blog only (360).

Rosemary's Blog, Yahoo! (Other stuff.)
ROSEMARY'S THOUGHTS. (My new sight that consolidates everything.)
Techography. by invitation.
The Victory Caucus, NZ Bear+
Troops Angel, Gather.
TroopPundit, Gather.

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