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In case this link goes wacky, I have added my links below. :)

100,000 Strong For Earmark Reform.
365 Days and a Wake-Up.
A Blog For All.
A Million Thanks for our Troops.
A Storm in Afghanistan.
ABC News.
ACT! For America.
Ace of Spades.
Adam's Blog.
Afghanistan Without a Clue, Cpt. Doug.
African Sites.
Agape Press.
Alamo Nation.
All Things Beautiful.
Always On Watch, Laura Mansfield.
America Supports You, send a message of support.
America's Freedom Broadband Radio (RFB Radio).
America's Victory.
American Congress For Truth.
American Conservative Party.

The Republican Party has left its core principles to rot by the side of the road, so we are starting our very own American Conservative Party. Please feel free to join. We could use all CONSERVATIVE thoughts and discussions. Sorry, we are not a big tent. We have principles that will not be compromised. If you would like to belong to a party who means what they say and says what they mean (as long as you agree with those principles, of course), then this is the party for you. Thanks.
American Islamic Forum for Democracy.
American Ranger, Army Sgt. 1st Class Chuck Grist.
American Soldier.
American Thinker.
Animals, scroll down to click article.
Anthroblogogy, Milblog.
Anti-PC League. Blogroll.
Army Times. Milblogs.
Argghhh!!! Milblogs.
Armies of Liberation, Jane. Milblogs.
Army Times. Milblogs.
Assyrian Life, Rody, Christian.
Atlas Shrugs. Milblogs.
AV08-my access. Rosemary's Sites.

Bereft, Serendip, GREAT site. ME & Afghanistan.
Bible History online, Christian research. Christian, Religion, News.
Bible Study Software.
Biblia (Study Software), Spanish Bible programs for purchase.
Big Dog's Website. Milblog.
Big Pharaoh. ME & Afghanistan.
Bill and Bob's Excellent Afghan Adventure, excellent writer! Milblog.
Blah Blah Blah.
Blog @
Blog Behind the Blog, Grizzly Groundswell.
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BlogRolling, (
Blue Star Chronicles.
Bosun's Sail Locker, Retired Navy, Milblogs.
Burkean Reflections.
Byrne's Rightings.

C-SPAN Watch.
CA Political News.
CA Political News feed.
Cao's Blog. Blogroll.
Captain's Quarters. Milblogs.
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.
CENTCOM - Homepage.
Chaotic Synaptic Activity.
China e-Lobby.
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.
Christian Dreams 'n Visions, Sherry.

Christians Against Leftist Heresy (Facebook).
Church & State, Nathan.
Citizens Against Government Waste. Politics.
Club for Growth.
Club for Growth Blog.
CNN News, dinosaur news.
College Ball, Yoni.
Committee to Protect Bloggers (CPB), Free speech advocates.

Counter-Terrorism Blog, Professionals. Milblogs.
Crazy Politico's Rantings, Bob. Blogroll.

DadManly. Milblog.
Dagney's Rant. Blogroll.
Daily Briefing on Iran. Iran, closed site.
Day by Day.
Debbie Schlussel. News.
Defend America.
Defend the Defenders.
MARSOC - Heroes. - Why We Serve.
Defiant Infidel.
Der Spiegel. News.
Desert Smink. Milblog.
Diary of the Mad Pigeon.
Don Singleton, Milblog.
Douglas Farah. COIN Expert, News.
DPRK Studies. Asia.
Drudge Report, News.
Dubious Maxims, William, Blogroll.
DVIDSHub, News & Photos, Military News.

Eagles UP! Milblogs.
Cao's Blog.
Concrete Bob.
Salt and Light, David.
This Ain't Hell, Jonn.
Winter's Soldier Story, Ronald.
Rosemary's Thoughts.
Veteran-American Voices, Rurik.

Elmers' Brothers, Christians, Milblogs.
Euphoric Reality, Kit, Milblogs.
Faultline USA, Christian.
Fausta's Blog, Blogroll.
Fayrouz in Beaumont, ME & Afghanistan.

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Flight 93 Blogburst

Flopping Aces, Milblogs.
Fox News, News.
Freedom is not Free.
Freedom's Watch.
Fresh Vision Media, News.
From My Position...On the Way!, Chuck, Milblogs.
Ft. Hard Knox.

Gateway Pundit.
Gathering of Eagles, Vets, Active Duty, Americans.
Gazing at the Flag, Flag Gazer.
GM's Place, GM Roper.
GOOD WORD, Christian, sammm1777.
GOP Hub.
Government Is Not Your Daddy.
Gregg Jackson, friend, author, radio talk show host, Christian.
Gribbit's Word.
Grizzly Groundswell, Mayor of Long Beach.
Grouchy Media.

Haaretz, News.
Hill Street Blahg, Christian.
Honor Mike Spann, Parents of murdered Mike Spann in Afghanistan, 11/25/2001.
Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA).
Hot Air.
Human Events, News.
Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis
If I were POTUS.
In Russet Shadows, Christian.
InstaPundit, all around news.
Intelligence Summit Blog.
Iran Press News, English.
Iraq Democracy Project.
Iraq Sustainable Democracy Project - POLICY BRIEFING. Who is watching out for the Christians as promised?
Iraq the Model, Iraqi blog, Omar and Mohammed.
Is It Just Me?
It's Curtains For You..., nanc.

Jack Lewis.NET, Danny.
JammieWearingFool (I read all his e-mails).
JB's Sanctuary.
Jenn Sierra, Christian.
Jihad Watch.
Joint Forces Command.
Jungle Mom, Christian Missionary.
Junk Science.
JURIST--Paper Chase.
Jus' Sayin', AF Ticker.
KDAR 98.3 FM, Gregg Jackson's new show, Christian radio and schedule.
Kurdish Bloggers Union.

Leaning Straight Up, Blogroll.
Lebanese Political Post. News.
Legal Pundits.
LionHeart. Blogger facing prison in Britain for speaking the truth about jihadists.
Little Green Footballs.
Long Range.
LumberJack in a Desert, at Walter Reid.
Lummpy, Sports.

Madison Magazine, Uncle Jimbo.
Mark in Mexico.
Mark My Words.
Mark Steyn.
Matt Sanchez in Afghanistan, Citizen Journalist.
ME & Afghanistan.
Media Watch.
MEMRI, News.
Michael Yon Online.
Michelle Malkin, News.
Middle East Times.
MilBlogs, Military News, COIN.
Mixing Memory, Science blog.
MNF-Iraq, Military news.
MNF-Iraq Press Releases.
ModernConservative Blog.
Mudville Gazette, Mr. and Mrs. Greyhawk, Milblogs.
My Cool & Foreign Sites.
My War Stories.

Nanotechnology Today, great scientist.
News and Citizen Journalists.
NoVa Politics.
NRO Online.
NZ Bear's Blog.

Obligotary Anedotes, Ken.
Obob's World.
"Obsession", the Movie.
Old War Dogs, Bill F.
One Free Korea.
One Year Bible Blog.
Open Trackback Alliance. (To see a list of members, click the link above.

Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Our Thoughts, Fabio, new-thoughtful blogger. Check out his site. Need registration.
Outside The Wire.

Pajamas Media, News.
Part-Time Pundit.
****Partamian Report****.
Passionate America: Wild Bill.
Pastor Gregg Laurie's Blog.
Pat Dollard: He has produced a war-time series that you will not be ashamed to watch Pundit Review will have the dates and station when Pat is able to release this information. Go check it out. This dude is fantastic. He actually went to Iraq, instead of just talking about it. Read some of the articles he's written. Have fun!
Patrick Ruffini.
Patriot Post--The Federalist.
Patriot Petitions
Peace Thugs.
Perri Nelson's Weblog, Blogroll.
Planck's Constant, Cool site!
Pirate's Cove.


Pastor Ed Boston.
Political Pistachio.
Prince Pundit.
Pundit Review.
Shire Network News, Canadian and great.
The People's Cube, Political Satire.

Political Blotter, Excellent journalist.
Political Crunch,
Politics, Politicians.
Potbelly Stove, News.
Pray for Iran, Christian.
Price of the Freedom.
Prince Pundit, Milblog.
PUNJAB: The Land of Five Rivers, ME.
Pure Randomness.

Q & O, Milblog.

Radio Free Asia, English.


AFB Radio, CajunLady.
America's Freedom Broadband Radio (RFB Radio).
Grouchy Media, Military music videos.
KABC 790am, Stream.
KDAR 98.3 FM, Gregg Jackson's new show, Christian radio and schedule.
KFI 640am, Stream.
KFMB 760am, Stream.
KKLA, Christian, stream.
KRLA 870am.
Michael Reagan.
Prager Radio.
The Internet Radio Network.
WABC 77am, NYC.
WRKO 680am, Boston, Pundit Review Radio, stream.
US Radio Stations.

Radio Stations & Programs.
Rajun Cajun, Tim H.
Rantburg, WOT.
Real Clear Politics.
Republican For A Reason, Politics.
Return of the Conservatives.
Right Moment.
Right on the Right.
Right Truth.
Right Truth Two.

Right Wing News (RWN).
Right Wing of the gods.
Roger L. Simon-news.
Ron's Musings.

Rosemary's Blogroll.
Rosemary's Blogrolls - Homepage.
Rosemary's News and Ideas, WP.
Rosemary's (No longer used)
Rosemary's Thoughts. Contributor at the Talon.
Rosemary's News and Ideas, Facebook. (I may have changed this to Rosemary's Thoughts.)
Rosemary's Sites.
Rosemary's Thoughts, (
RosemarysNews, Twitter (my access).
RosemarysNews, Twitter, your access. ;)

Rusted Sky, J.

Sandi, Christian lady.
Sgt Lizzie.
Shiek Yer-Mami.
Sister Toldjah, Christian.

Small Town Veterans, Bill F.
Social Sense, Mustang, Milblogs.
Soldiers Angles-Go
here and adopt a Soldier, Marine, Airman, NG, Navy, etc!
Soldiers' Angels-Holly Aho.
Soldiers' Angels Project Valour IT.
Stars and Stripes, Independent Military News.
Steve's Hodgepodge.
Stix Blog, old site (typepad).
Stix Blog, new site (WP).
Stop Blog Censorship! Want this badge?

Stop the ACLU, News.
Stop the ACLU's blogroll.
Stop the ACLU feed.
StormWarning's Counter-Terrorism (CT or COIN).
Straight Shooter, Dale.
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Sudan Tribune.
Sudan Vision.
Sudan: Passion of the Present.
Sudanese Thinker.
Susan B. Anthony.

Taipei Times, Asia (Taiwan), News.
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Tel-Chai Nation, Israel.
Terrorism Has No Relilgion.
Terrorism Unveiled.
Texas Rainmaker.

The ACT-Blog.
The Amboy Times.
The Conservative Voice.
The Countervailing Force, CoRev.
The D-Ring.
The Daily Brief.
The Daily Times, Pakistani news.
Photo: Property of the US Navy
The Destroyermen, GO NAVY! Photo: Property of the US Navy.
The Endive, News-Politics-Conservative, Sid.
The Federalist Papers, Constitutional protection.
The Founders' Constitution.
The Four Color Media Monitor. Avi Green, Jerusalem.
The Fourth Rail, Journalist who actually goes into Iraq and Afghanistan to get the truth.
The Foxhole, SFC Mac.
The Hill Chronicles.
The Investigative Project on Terrorism.
The Jester's Axe, Deebow, Milblogs.
The Jungle Hut, Jungle Mom.
The Investigative Project on Terrorism.
The Jamestown Foundation, Global Terrorism Analysis.
The Long War Journal.
The Midnight Sun, Aurora.
The Online Chaplain.
The Pakistani Specator.
The Q and O Online Magizine, Milblogs.
The Hill Chronicles.
The Right Angle.
The Spirit of Man.
The Sandbox.
The Scrooge Report, Christian.
The Talon.
The Terror Wonk. Can also be found at the Counter-Terrorism Blog.
The Thunder Run.
The Truth Laid Bear.
The Underground Journal.
The Virtuous Republic, politics and news.
The Warren.
The World According to Carl, Christian, blogger, sports.
The Yankee Sailor, NAVY!

They Have Names, CJ.

ThinkingRight, Jim.
third world county.
This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here, Jonn. Also at Talon.
Thought Mechanics.
Tilting at Windmill Farms, Blogger.
Tim Blair.
Tom DeLay's blog.
Tom McClintock's Blog, Politician.
Tran Sient's Watch.
Truth-Pain Emporium.

TV Guide.
Universitas Veritas.
Veteran-American Voices, Rurik.
Vets For Freedom.

Victory Caucus, JOIN.


View my profile.
Visit the White House.
Wake Up America, Steve.
walls of the city.
WATANDOST: Inside News About Pakistan and its Neighborhood.
Welcome to Mohammad Fahim Khairy's Blog, SW Asia blogger.
Wizbang Free Standing Pinger.
Woman Honor Thyself, Christian with news!
Word of, An Informed America is a FREE AMERICA. Stop Censorship.
WriteMyLine, Christian, news.
Wizbang Pinger.
WSJ Opinion Journal Online.
Washington Times.
When Mirror Invites, The Sun! آفتاب را بايد با آيينه همپيمان ساخت.
Wide Awakes Radio (WAR).
Winds of Change.
Woman Honor Thyself.
Yid with Lid.
Yoni the Blogger.
ZardozZ News & Satire.


Blackfive, website: Blackfive.
MachoSauceProductions, website: Zo Black & Right.
Multi-National Force - Iraq, website: MNF-I.
PascoGOP, website: Stuck On Stupid.
Uncle Jimbo City, website: Blackfive.

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